Tone arm toothbrush

My mother-in-law demonstrates how a nice lightweight tone arm, no longer pokin’ them record grooves, can be outfitted to caress the gums, help remove plaque, and prevent gingivitis.

From aural to oral….so to speak. You can tell she’s enjoying herself.

Got any other ideas for recycling old record player parts?

Arvin Record Player

Arvin Radio-Phonograph – complete with curves.

Also check out Bob Vinyl’s Whole Lotta Album Covers blog. Some great outrageous finds.


Automotive Look Voice of Music 920 Steelman BSR Tone Arm

The tone arm on this 1953 Voice of Music record player (left), as well as this 50’s Steelman BSR record player arm (right), have curvy “hood and fender” appeal. Both are standing by for those Sinatra platters, or some hot BeBop to inspire that horizontal ShBoom up in the guest bedroom.


Joni Mitchell Mingus

This evolutionary singer/songwriting artist paid homage to an ailing jazz great (bassist, bandleader) in her1979 album named after him. 6-page album cover. Jaco updates the bass in the band.

My thanks for the Voice of Music player photo from a great site for radios and phonographs: Radiophile.

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Elegant Tone Arm 1940s

This smart three-piece tone arm ensemble, with stainless conduit bridging two brightly-finished, gem-like sections, is sheer elegance. Matching stainless record-changer supports.

Mothers of Invention - Uncle Meat


Edgard Varèse, big dada, and 50’s doo-wop were among the influences for this band’s leader. This was a double album with eclectic arrangements, and free-form jazz. And a semi-famous question asked of a saxophonist trying out for the band: “What can you do that’s fantastic?”