Dave Schmidt Smith-Winchester

I’m a writer…business technology, mostly.

I’m old enough to have grown up listening to the Beach Boys and Beatles on several different portable record players, watching the vinyl spin and wishing I could buy more LPs. But, I’m a little too young to have been the first owner of the cool portable record players and table-tops from the 1940s that I am starting to collect. Fascinating….both the styling and the function. Join me in sharing information; there’s very little info out there.



One Response to “About”

  1. bob_vinyl said

    Hey, I got your email regarding Whole Lotta Album Covers, but I goofed my script and it didn’t capture your email address so I couldn’t respond. Anyway, your site is very cool and you have some amazing LPs. The “Name That Gatefold” idea is great. I’m gonna go ahead and add you to our links section. Thanks for contacting us.




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