Die-Cut “Thingness”-Sticky Fingers Cover

July 9, 2007

In print advertising, they say that a direct mailer or a brochure that has a tactile factor, or that gives you something to do with your hands, has “thingness.”

Hmmm. Consider the Rolling Stones 1971 classic Sticky Fingers…with the Andy Warhol cover. Something to play with. Definitely a “thing.” The famous working zipper…the one that tended to dent the album cover on top of it during shipping. The album that many modest record store owners refused to display (not particularly a family-oriented concept).

My wife didn’t buy many rock n ‘roll albums back in those days, but I love her just a little bit more because she captured one of zipper covers….obviously an important part of any die-cut album cover collection.
Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers Zipper

Stones fans from the early 70s may well have been listening to their LPs on this sharp Panasonic SG-999D turntable/receiver/ amp.

To see this album cover and many other famous ones get violent, check out the 2-minute romp through rock history Battle of the Album Covers on YouTube.

Panasonic SG-999D ’60s AM-FM record player


3 Responses to “Die-Cut “Thingness”-Sticky Fingers Cover”

  1. bob_vinyl said

    I’m not a big Stones fan, but this is an excellent cover. Maybe you could have a “judge the album cover” post like Metal Mark and pit Warhol’s Velvet Underground cover against this Stones cover.

  2. […] Jagger für Andy Warhol geschrieben hat, ziemlich gut und witzig dazu. Es ging übrigens um die Gestaltung des Plattencovers für das absolut legendäre und auch heute noch hörenswerte Album STICKY […]

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