Stylish Tone Arms Part II

March 20, 2007

Elegant Tone Arm 1940s

This smart three-piece tone arm ensemble, with stainless conduit bridging two brightly-finished, gem-like sections, is sheer elegance. Matching stainless record-changer supports.

Mothers of Invention - Uncle Meat


Edgard Varèse, big dada, and 50’s doo-wop were among the influences for this band’s leader. This was a double album with eclectic arrangements, and free-form jazz. And a semi-famous question asked of a saxophonist trying out for the band: “What can you do that’s fantastic?”


4 Responses to “Stylish Tone Arms Part II”

  1. Grego said

    The site looks great. Regarding the Mother’s of Invention gatefold, I’ve been reading about Zappa’s house near us at 2401 Laurel Canyon. I’m going to mapquest it and take a walk one of these days. On a side note, the other house on that property was rented out by Rick Ruben in the 80’s and is where Red Hot Chili Peppers recorded “Blood Sugar Sex Magik”

  2. That is funny! I have never seen anyone massage their gums with a tone arm before. lol! I don’t think I can beat that one.

  3. My mother-in-law reluctantly posed for this. Wow – this is a dormant blog. Glad you found it.

    Also see (listen) to my audioblog on music history:

  4. That is funny. Your mother-in-law probably thought no one would ever come across this website again. haha! You never know what your going to find. Websites have a way of resurfacing. I have lots of dormant blogs as well that still get traffic surprisingly. I will check out your audio blog.

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