Those stylish record player tone arms

March 1, 2007

Record Player Zenith Cobramatic 2-135 Record Player Zenith Cobramatic

by Dave Schmidt

The record player tone arm as fashion statement? You may guffaw. But we’ll just take a look in this little series of posts. This is the infamous Cobra-matic, by Zenith (from the 50’s). This coy tone arm, a seemingly harmless little snake with a diamond-studded tongue, slithered across the record grooves with a fluid poise. It tamed the toned. But it could also put a little bite into those early rock n’ roll tunes.


Stevie Wonder Innervisions

Speaking of venom, this 70s classic injected some humbling truth when it chomped down hard on social conditions…with Living For the City. It charmed us with Golden Lady, and took us to Higher Ground…maybe Too High. C’mon, name it. Then mouse over for the answer.

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3 Responses to “Those stylish record player tone arms”

  1. Mike A. said

    Dave, that album and Songs in the Key of Life were two way cool Stevie albums that I remember from my callow youth. The other night, I saw Stevie singing a duet with Tony Bennett on PBS: he still hits the high notes.

  2. David Gordo said

    Right on. I once played piano for him for 90 seconds (I probably told you that story).

    Too bad his performance at Detroit’s Super Bowl 1/6 was so lame.


  3. pedro said

    hi, this message is for you, i have an old Cobra-matic, by Zenith (from the 50’s). i have kept it for 40 years but i know that if i pass away no body at home will take care of it. if you love this type of stuff, i will give it to you free .

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