Elegant Tone Arm 1940s

This smart three-piece tone arm ensemble, with stainless conduit bridging two brightly-finished, gem-like sections, is sheer elegance. Matching stainless record-changer supports.

Mothers of Invention - Uncle Meat


Edgard Varèse, big dada, and 50’s doo-wop were among the influences for this band’s leader. This was a double album with eclectic arrangements, and free-form jazz. And a semi-famous question asked of a saxophonist trying out for the band: “What can you do that’s fantastic?”


Record Player Zenith Cobramatic 2-135 Record Player Zenith Cobramatic

by Dave Schmidt

The record player tone arm as fashion statement? You may guffaw. But we’ll just take a look in this little series of posts. This is the infamous Cobra-matic, by Zenith (from the 50’s). This coy tone arm, a seemingly harmless little snake with a diamond-studded tongue, slithered across the record grooves with a fluid poise. It tamed the toned. But it could also put a little bite into those early rock n’ roll tunes.


Stevie Wonder Innervisions

Speaking of venom, this 70s classic injected some humbling truth when it chomped down hard on social conditions…with Living For the City. It charmed us with Golden Lady, and took us to Higher Ground…maybe Too High. C’mon, name it. Then mouse over for the answer.

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