Woulda Coulda Woodie

February 15, 2007

Bendix 656A Phonograph

by Dave Schmidt (aka David Gordo)
Oak, maple, mahogany, cherry, furniture woods…sometimes combined, like within this Bendix 656A record player.

Philco 48-1253 record player

Table-top beauty…Philco 48-1253.

Many old phonographs make great refinishing projects. Take it apart…strip it good. Don’t gulp the fumes.


Led Zeppelin III

70s rock fans: this classic helped to kick off the decade (released 10/5/70). Huge hint within one the graphics; look for something floating around on the left side. What number album is it, though? Great die cut insert (that’s not the vinyl, unfortunately. ) Mouse over the photo for the answer.

My thanks for the comments from a great site: Retro Thing.

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2 Responses to “Woulda Coulda Woodie”

  1. rockofages said

    I love this cover and the album is probably the Zep album I play the most. I remember being fascinated with the wheel when as a kid I saw the record in an older cousin’s collection.

    I like the fact that when all the Zep albums were reissued as CDs in small LP cover format, they retained the wheel for the Zep III one. Now I have a mini version!!

    Great site by the way – some stunning looking turntables.


  2. dschmidt14 said

    Thanks. The wheel is cool, but I’ve got the ultimate Zep album cover up next. A die-cut wonder…fit for a tribute.

    Glad to see you’re an LP fan…you’ve got an ambitious blog. I’ll add a link. Also: there’s been recent press on the return of vinyl (especially 7″).


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