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February 15, 2007

Bendix 656A Phonograph

by Dave Schmidt (aka David Gordo)
Oak, maple, mahogany, cherry, furniture woods…sometimes combined, like within this Bendix 656A record player.

Philco 48-1253 record player

Table-top beauty…Philco 48-1253.

Many old phonographs make great refinishing projects. Take it apart…strip it good. Don’t gulp the fumes.


Led Zeppelin III

70s rock fans: this classic helped to kick off the decade (released 10/5/70). Huge hint within one the graphics; look for something floating around on the left side. What number album is it, though? Great die cut insert (that’s not the vinyl, unfortunately. ) Mouse over the photo for the answer.

My thanks for the comments from a great site: Retro Thing.

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by Dave Schmidt

Zenith Record Player Pop the Hood Zenith H664 Record Player bakelite

Pop the hood of this Zenith H664, check the high-torque tone arm, close ‘er up, and take it for a test spin.

Surfaris album cover cropped B

This group came along after the Beach Boys confirmed their A-side /B-side single format by showing surfboards on a Woodie on their first album cover (as they surveyed the ocean). Hot Rods and boards. And sometimes girls. But the group shown above was to the Beach Boys what the Dave Clark Five was to the Beatles. Name the group. Hint: borrow some syllables from the Beach Boys first big national hit Surfin’ Safari.

Thanks to BidTrenz Collectable for the inbound link.

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by Dave Schmidt

Arvin Record Player Styled Like Buick 1949 Buick Roadmaster crop

Funny how some of the record players from the late 40s and early 50s looked like the smiley end of those Bulge-Mobile autos sitting out in those first suburban driveways. In this case, they both look kind-of mean: the 1949 Buick Roadmaster, and the Arvin 302 record player. If you liked the Buick, but couldn’t afford it – you could always get the record player instead and get the same basic mood. .Eat a Peach


Speaking of those mid-century vehicles – here’s just the middle of a front cover of a great gatefold – 70s LP art inspired by the truckin’ days past. I gave you the name of this southern rock-blues-country group. But what’s the album title?



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