1951 RCA 45rpm-only record player

Here’s that refurbished 1951 RCA 45-EY-3 (above) that I mentioned in the last post. 45rpm singles only. Put on a stack of 5, maybe 6, watch them drop, and listen to all that vintage hiss and crackle as the song rollicks inside the small-but-thick bakelite case.

Simple controls. Just two. The toggle switch that starts the mechanics moving (tone arm goes up, record drops, tone arm swings over, lowers, and plays the record) and a volume control knob. That’s it. One speed. No treble or bass adjustment. No wonder people from the depression-era generation couldn’t program a VCR.





This group flaunts their make-shift home recording digs in the band’s 1969 release. Who is it? (Don’t have a clue? Think how Trivial Pursuit helps with the hard questions).…post a comment with your answer and I’ll verify.

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