Photo above: ADMIRAL 6122N table-top record player (in my office at work)


This blog is intended to be a forum for sharing your interest in, and information about, phonographs (record players) from the 1940s through the 1960s…and your LPs from any era. I’ll regularly feature famous and almost famous LP covers, many with unique die cuts, inserts or gatefolds.

I recently had a RCA 45rpm-only record player (45-EY-3) refurbished. Dark bakelite, built in 1951. This model is certainly one of the more popular record players for restoring and using. I tell my kids that this was the IPOD of the 1950s; you could play a group of individual songs in any order you want…just stack up 45s on the automatic changer. More about this soon (with photo in next post).


Name That Gatefold LP



This group loved to champion “the cause” in the late 60s and early 70s. It looks like the munchies may have inspired this inside cover. Name the group, and the LP album… post a comment with your answer and I’ll verify.



Characterize Your Record Collection


Let us know the quantity, quality, diversity, and the focus of your LP collection.

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